Testnet Labs


What is it?

Testnet DAO is a community of people who want to push web3 adoption forward.

We are on a mission to change the narrative of web3 from just investments or scams to highlighting practical applications of the technology

We will accomplish this by bringing people together to ideate, discuss, and build web3 products with actual use cases.

If you’re a builder, enthusiast, or someone who supports the mission – we have a space for you.

Why Testnet DAO?

Be part of a movement – to push web3 adoption forward and change the world.


Testnet DAO is a gathering of like-minded people keen on seeing practical web3 use cases finally take center stage.

Vote on new projects or new features on existing ones. Participate in building, provide feedback, learn, and start discussions. Have a voice in what we do as a community to support the mission.


Want to see a Venmo-like app that web3 powers? How about an online ticketing system that leverages NFT tech?

Whatever idea you may have, we have seasoned members who can build it. If you want to join them, the choice is up to you.


Receive discounts or free access (if possible) on the products we create.

Receive occasional airdrops the team creates or POAP for voting.

Get first access to opportunities within the community – whether it is employment, funding, and many more.